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Chocolates & Sweets

Chocolates & Sweets

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  1. ChocoHigos Quick View


    Handmade in Valencia, Spain, these bon-bons say it all in just one mouthful. Read More
  2. New Danny Macaroons Quick View

    Danny Macaroons

    Known throughout New York City as the premiere producer of macaroons, Danny Macaroons is famous for their gourmet, handmade macaroons. Here we have a collection of four of their delightful coconut snacks. Read More
  3. Fat Toad Goat Caramel Quick View

    Fat Toad Goat Caramel

    Fat Toad Farm in VT makes this goat milk caramel, or cajeta, by hand-stirring and caramelizing goat’s milk for four hours. Great over ice cream or in a milkshake! Read More
  4. Panettone Quick View


    Studded with raisins and sweet fruit, Panettone is the rich brioche embodiment of Christmas. This dome-shaped beauty is crafted in Penne, an Abruzzo hilltop town that sits between the Adriatic Sea and the majestic Gran Sasso. The dough gets scented with vanilla and proofed over the course of 20 hours, which gives the final product exquisite lightness. Equally delicious fresh or popped in the oven for warm toastiness, keep a Panettone in your kitchen and watch it disappear. Perfect for spot-on gifting or shameless devouring. Production is limited. Read More
  5. Mugolio Pinecone Syrup Quick View

    Mugolio Pinecone Syrup

    Pure wintertime in a bottle. Tiny Mugo pinecones are harvested in the Dolomite Alps, then stored in sun-drenched jars to coax out sweet syrup from within. Try a drizzle on your Pecorino or a drop in your holiday cocktail. Read More
  6. Chocolate Fig Bar Quick View

    Chocolate Fig Bar

    This bar from Extremadura, Spain, has received awards for its brilliance: juicy Spanish figs from the town of Almoharin, lush chocolate, and a hint of orange. We herby bestow the we-can’t-stop-eating-it award. Serve for dessert, beside your favorite blue. No preservatives or GMOs. Read More
  7. Chocolat Moderne Chocolates Quick View

    Chocolat Moderne Chocolates

    If one bon bon makes you happy, this bar, will turn you giddy. It looks like an ordinary chocolate bar, but hidden in each square is a hand piped filling of praline, caramel or ganache coated in dark chocolate. Think of it as a moderne way to ration your chocolate intake, though it'll be hard to stick to the regimen. All handmade in Manhattan weekly so the flavors are extra bright. Read More
  8. Ethereal Confections Quick View

    Ethereal Confections

    It’s a tale as old as chocolate itself: two girls head out into the world; struggle, start and stop; girl meets boy... girl meets boy’s sister and they fall in love with chocolate making! And sometimes love turns into obsession…Ethereal Confections was launched in 2011 by Mary and Sara Ervin as a result of their shared passion for working with chocolate, a quest for transcendent flavors and years of perfecting the perfect recipe. Read More
  9. Murray's Munchies Quick View

    Murray's Munchies

    Price From:
    We can't get enough of these sweet treats, crafted for us from quality ingredients in neighboring Brooklyn. Read More

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