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Mast Brothers Chocolate

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The Brothers Mast, Rick and Michael, are impossibly cool, in that big-bushy-beard-tall-lanky-frame sort of way. Rick is even an amateur banjo player. They scream BROOKLYN. But that's not why their chocolate is so astounding. The only bean-to-bar producer in New York City, the Masts have converted a 100-year old factory in the "village" of Williamsburg into a veritable Willy Wonka land for handmade chocolate bars. Their process begins with cacao (cocoa beans) from small family farms in Madagascar, Venezuela, the DR and Ecuador.

Varieties include:

  • *NEW Vanilla and Smoke - smoked cacao beans and sea salt
  • Almond - roasted almonds and sea salt
  • Serrano - roasted chiles bring a warmth, but not spice
  • Cocoa Nibs - roasted cocoa beans add crunch and bitterness
  • Maine Sea Salt - simply the best chocolate and sea salt from Maine
  • Stumptown Coffee - roasted coffee beans

Just the facts

Country USA
Size 2.5 ounces
Region New York
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