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Murray's Munchies

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Murray's Munchies Milk Chocolate Grahams

For those who prefer their chocolate on the creamier side!

Murray's Munchies Animal Crackers

Covered in chocolate and NOT just for kids

Murray's Munchies Salty Caramel Bar

Hunks of buttery caramel dot this delicious chocolate bar. Our advice? Buy two. Don't share.

Murray's Munchies PB&C Bar

No joking - they really are two great tastes that taste great together.

Murray's Munchies Ginger Bites

Ginger's feisty snap tamed by a robe of dark chocolate

Murray's Munchies Munchies Bar

All the major food groups - chocolate, pretzels and peanuts

Murray's Munchies Trio

Can't decide? Pick up this trio of our Milk Chocolate Grahams, Animal Crackers, and Ginger Bites.

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