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Gereli Farms & Société-Orignal
Remonte Pente Maple Syrup

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Special Price: $16.99/EA

This Canadian maple syrup is closer to liquid gold if you ask us. Silky but intense, with flavors of vanilla, brown butter and a hint of lime. In other words...too precious for pancakes.

From The Wall Street Journal:

One sure sign of spring in Canada? Maple sugaring season, of course. Enter Remonte Pente, a deep-amber maple syrup made from end-of-season maple sap in a small village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and among the most unique out there. Collected from trees that are, on average, 150 years old, this version from Société-Orignal, a Quebec-based purveyor of specialty regional foods from farmers and foragers, is crafted the old-fashioned way: Sap is slowly reduced over a wood-burning fire on the same site where it is hand-harvested. The resulting highly concentrated elixir has a dark caramel flavor, a touch of woodsy smoke and pleasing acidity. Though it's perfectly delicious over pancakes and waffles, a little goes a long way. Consider using it as a finishing syrup, drizzled over ice cream, roasted vegetables, meat or fish; whisking it into salad dressings; or shaking it up in a cocktail. 

Just the facts

Country Canada
Maker Gereli Farms & Société-Orignal
Size 4 ounces
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