The Cure


Meat, glorious meat! From Italian speck to Foie Gras to La Quercia's spreadable Nduja, this box is packed with more varieties of carnivorous delight than omnivores have dilemmas. The Cure is the ultimate gift for the Ron Swanson in your life.

The Cure includes:

BUTTERY Chorizo Iberico

RICH Devodier Prosciutto Di Parma

SPREADABLE La Quercia Nduja

SPICY Sopressata Salami

RARE Fabrique Delices Duck Prosciutto

CREAMY Mini Foie Gras Pate

CRUNCHY Mosefund Mangalitsa Bacon

SMOKY Murray's Sliced Speck

SWEET Three Little Figs Puddletown Pub Chutney

The Cure contains 3 pounds of meat. Will serve 10-12 partiers.