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River's Edge Up In Smoke 4 oz

Out of stock. This seasonal item will be available in early March.


Every time we carefully pull back the edges of the maple leaves that so delicately contain the bright, woodsy cheese bundles from Oregon's Rivers Edge Chevre, we feel like we're unwrapping a gift from the tree nymphs themselves. The incredible balance of deep, smoky richness and clean minerality is owed in large part to the diet of Rivers Edge goats'pastured year-round'and cheesemaker Pat Morford's process of smoking: first smoking the hand-formed fresh chevre over alder and maple wood, before wrapping each round of pasteurized goat cheese in smoked maple leaves that have been lightly misted with bourbon to help them bend around the citrusy, intense nuggets. The result has a surprisingly civilized campfire essence that doesn't overwhelm the incredibly bright and creamy pasteurized goat cheese within. Stay smoky. Get some Willamette Pinot and curl up 'round this pairing's warmth.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
Less than 2 weeks
4 oz