Weekend at Murray's


Weekend at Murray's is a one-stop shop for lavish party throwers. We carefully curated this collection with the biggest shindigs in mind ' we're talkin' big birthdays, wedding parties, work events and game day bashes. This spread is made to impress, so don't be surprised if you steal your own show.

Weekend at Murray's comes in our Murray's Signature Gift Crate and includes:

NUTTY Ossau Iraty Vieille

HERBY Hudson Flower

NUTTY Etivaz

TANGY Pecorino Ginepro

GRASSY Mrs. Quicke's Goat Cheddar

SILKY Devodier Prosciutto

SPICY Iberico Chorizo

HOT La Quercia Prosciutto Piccante

DECADENT Red Table Lardo

MEATY Red Table Big Chet's

CREAMY White Gold Honey

SWEET Black Cherry Confit

CRISPY Urban Oven Crackers

Weekend at Murray's contains 3 pounds of cheese and 1.5 pounds of meat. Will serve 10-12 event goers.