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Our Cavemaster has reported numerous instances of Cato Corner Hooligan roughhousing Raclette and getting fresh with Fontina, but it's a risk we're willing to accept from this pungent, beefy tomme'a nutty stinker with a supple, savory creamline and a mild, milky core. Cheesemaker Mark Gilman handcrafts each wheel from the raw milk of his mother Elizabeth's pasture-raised Jersey cows on their Colchester, Connecticut, farm. Mark then washes the surface of each wheel, still bearing the imprint of the basket it was drained in, with a mixture of brine and tangy buttermilk. We further brine each wheel in our own caves, allowing the meaty intensity to flourish and the mushroomy creamline to further develop. Feed Hooligan's rowdiness with a British cask ale or tame the funk with a fruity wheat beer (just don't mention you root for Man U).

This item is sold only by the whole or half-wheel. The whole wheel is approximately 1.75 pounds. If you enter 1 in the quantity box, you'll receive a half-wheel (.8 - .9 pounds). If you enter 2, you'll receive a whole wheel.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
2-4 months