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La Quercia
Bellota Lardo

Acorn-fed on a Spanish dahesa, Iberico de Bellota is perhaps the most renowned little piggy to go to market. Their meat is prized for its creamy, silky-smooth texture and herbaceous flavor. Lardo, a traditional Italian cured meat, is made from the “fatback” portion of the animal and is, quite simply, fat from the back that’s been seasoned with coriander, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and bay leaves and cured to perfection. So think of this as the lardo to end all lardo—decadence squared. We’ll slice it extra thin for you into a generous half-pound package. It’s a succulent addition to game birds, pork loin, and other lean cuts that need a little fattening up. It’s also a delicious way to gussy up grilled focaccia and pizza, and it’ll turn a humble piece of toast into a king’s midnight snack.

Just the facts

Country USA
Maker La Quercia
Size 8 ounces of thinly-sliced lardo
Region Iowa
Meet The Maker

How did a family in Norwalk, Iowa come to produce some of the best cured meats in the world? It started with tradition: After three and a half years in Parma, Italy, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse brought classic techniques back home to create their signature salumi, something they say “expresses our appreciation for the beauty and bounty of Iowa”. Adding responsible sourcing and sustainability to the recipe means that their products don’t just taste great, they’re also produced with the highest standards and best quality ingredients around.

To help more people get a bite of the good stuff, we now offer the full La Quercia line as well as curated selections that will make any meat lover squeal with delight.

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