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Vermont Creamery
Maple Butter, 4 oz

To paraphrase Julia Child, a little butter makes life a lot better. We like to butter up our toast with butter from our friends at Vermont Creamery because we know their craftsmanship is top of the cream-line. While working on a dairy farm in Brittany, France, Vermont Creamery’s Allison Hooper learned a thing or two about churning cultured cream (crème fraiche) into thick, buttery butter. Churned in small batches, the cream transforms into a rich European-style butter with 86% butterfat and fresh off the farm taste. This special maple butter boasts a healthy heaping of late harvest maple syrup. Perfect for melting atop a seared pork chop or between the layers of a flaky biscuit.

Just the facts

Country USA
Maker Vermont Creamery
Region Websterville, Vermont

Maple Butter, 4 oz

Makes a great cheese plate with...