Chiriboga Blue


Ecuadorian man falls in love with Bavarian woman. Cheesemaking ensues'not the typical ending to a fairytale, but a pretty delicious one, resulting in a cheese that resembles rich, cultured butter more than a peppery, assertive blue. Inspired by the cheesemaking tradition of his love's homeland, Arturo Chiriboga heads us Obere M'hle co-operative dairy, located in the town of Bad Oberdorf at the base of the Bavarian Alps. Although Arturo now crafts ten artisanal cheeses, it's his cow's milk blue, stamped proudly with his own surname, that caught our attention. Arturo derived his own recipe from that of Basil Weixler, who in 1902 set out to create a cheese that rivaled the famous French Roquefort. We think that Weixler, and Chiriboga, have more than succeeded with a cheese that smacks of sweet cream with a splash of mushroomy goodness-- a perfect memento of true (cheese) love.

Just the Facts

Allgäu Alps
Milk Type
Rennet Type
2-4 months