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Murray's holiday catalog showcases our most beautiful gifts, both large and small, all of which will leave a lasting impression. 2014-2015 Entertaining + Gift Guide

Corporate Gifts

Murray's Cheese provides standout gifts to clients and executives of New York's most well-known companies. Our range of gifts spans the simple and fun to the highly sophisticated and elegant. We’re experts in making triple crème dreams come true on a string cheese budget, or getting you the whole wheel. Any way you slice it, we ensure delicious gifts that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

  • Murray's Brie Baker Set

    Murray's Brie Baker Set

    Warm and comforting, baked brie is a holiday standard that warms hearts and bellies alike. Scoop a dollop of succulent Dalmatia Fig Jam atop the wheel of buttery brie, nestled inside our Murray's-red ceramic brie baker. Fifteen minutes in the oven at 350 degrees, and your reputation as world's greatest host is sealed.
  • Fondue Set

    Fondue Set

    The Fondue Gift Set is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With this set, your party is destined for solid gold grooviness, so dim the lights, blend the cheeses, and get the crowd into a dipping kind of mood.
  • Greatest Hits

    Greatest Hits

    Like belting “Don’t Stop Believin’” on karaoke night, these cheeses hit the spot every time. Greatest Hits is a well-rounded playlist—the solid gold go-to’s that we reach for time and time again because they top the charts on all occasions.
  • Cavemaster Collection

    Cavemaster Collection

    Our Cavemaster selects unique cheeses from passionate American artisans, dresses them up, pats them down, and sings them to pitch-perfect ripeness. You won’t find these extra-special Murray's exclusive cheeses anywhere else!
  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita

    Keep your friends close. Keep your cheese plate closer. An overflowing feast of Italian cheeses, salumi, and snacks, this is an ideal pick to share—it’s an abbondanza of flavor. Mangia!
  • New The French Connection

    The French Connection

    Bring the sidewalk café to their home with savory, sophisticated flavors and vibrant cheeses that will take you for a walk down memory boulevard.
  • Greatest Hits Grande

    Greatest Hits Grande

    Some cheeses are born great. Some cheeses are grated. Some cheeses are just the GREATEST. Maybe there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing, but there’s never too much of a GREAT thing. We made this showstopper even bigger so you can feed (and impress, and satisfy, and inspire) even more cheese fans.
  • Top Shelf

    Top Shelf

    For the crème de la crème of collections, we assembled our fanciest favorites in one place so you can impress with the best. This luxurious gift was designed for die-hard foodies for whom only the finest will do: jaw-droppers, thank-you-list-toppers, gimmie-now show-stoppers all! We brought our A game; so should you.