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It’s been around since the 13th century—one taste and you’ll join its ranks of admirers. While traditional Gruyere may age anywhere from six months to three years, Murray’s carefully selects special wheels with incredible aging potential that we finish in our own caves for a full twelve-month maturation. It is then that Gruyere’s aromas of caramelized apples and notes of hazelnutty brown butter come together in a smooth, dense paste—perfect for a classic fondue or melted atop a Croque Madame. Raw cow’s milk Gruyere is considered central to (if not synonymous with) the culture and history of Switzerland’s Fribourg region, an Alpine crossroads that ushered in the Celts, the Helvetians, and the Romans, who later shared their cheesemaking traditions. Today, Swiss dairy cooperatives produce these 80-pound wheels, with an eye toward tradition. Gruyere is nothing if not a gracious pairing partner- try it alongside a light, bright red, a big, rich white, or a handful of preserved walnuts and a few slices of smoky speck.

Just the facts

Country Switzerland
Region Fribourg
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Unpasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 12 months
Cheese Type Swiss and Nutty
Wheel Weight 80 pounds
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Chardonnay

    This wine is all over the map – literally! Flavor varies widely depending on where and how it’s made.

    Old World Chardonnay: crisp and minerally, with flavors of apples and roasted pears.
    Pair with: Fresh or bloomy rind cheese, like Delice de Bourgogne

    New World Chardonnay (USA, warmer climates): richly buttery and oaky, heavy notes of vanilla, brown butter, and tropical fruits.
    Pair with: Slightly stronger cheese like sweet Prairie Breeze cheddar, or a mild washed rind like Keeley’s Across the Pond.


    Oxidized Chardonnay: When Chardonnay is intentionally exposed to air it is “oxidized.” Common in the Jura mountain region, this wine is almost sherry-like with spicy, nutty flavors.
    Pair with: Play up the bolder flavors with a more complex or funky cheese. Almost any Alpine cheese, like Comte, or earthy aged goat cheese like Chevrot make a great match.

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