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Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

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  1. Gluten Free Potato Crackers Quick View

    Gluten Free Potato Crackers

    This version is made with potato and does not contain gluten. Read More
  2. Castleton Crackers Quick View

    Castleton Crackers

    The story goes that back in the 1800’s, a Massachusetts baker set out to make a thinner, more portable version of hardtack for soldiers and travelers. He rolled out dough, baked it, then “cracked” the crip bread by hand, giving us the first crackers. Read More
  3. Jan's Farmhouse Crisps Quick View

    Jan's Farmhouse Crisps

    If you turned an amazing house party into a cracker, this is what you’d get: fruity, nutty, flavorful personality that you’ll be talking about tomorrow. Read More
  4. Savory Crisps Quick View

    Savory Crisps

    Don’t stand in the way of me and my cheese, man. Don’t worry! These delicate crisps will not. Read More
  5. Sheridans Mixed Seed Crackers Quick View

    Sheridans Cheesemongers
    Sheridans Mixed Seed Crackers

    Handmade in County Cork Ireland from unbleached wheat flour, linseeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds (along with a generous helping of fresh Irish butter, of course!) these crackers from our friends at Sheridans Cheesemongers stand up to all manner of cheeses, from meaty Ardrahan to spicy Roquefort. Read More
  6. Z Crackers Quick View

    Z Crackers

    Made in Brooklyn and cut by hand, these are Z best crackers! Whole grains make them toothy enough to stand up to your favorite toppings, Murray's Whips or the runniest Brie you can find here Read More
  7. Torta Ines Rosales Quick View

    Torta Ines Rosales

    A century ago, in the Spanish village of Seville, an enterprising young Ines Rosales started making and selling lightly sweetened, crispy torta crackers – each delicate round wrapped with care in wax paper. Read More
  8. Urban Oven Crackers Quick View

    Urban Oven Crackers

    There’s no denying that the world is full of flakes, so imagine our relief when we found this sturdy place to rest our cheese. Read More
  9. Petit Toasts Quick View

    Petit Toasts

    Crunchy! Made from perhaps the smallest loaf of bread in the world, these little crispies add good texture to elegant canapés. Read More

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