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Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

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  1. ChocoHigos Quick View


    Handmade in Valencia, Spain, these bon-bons say it all in just one mouthful. Read More
  2. Sale Hot Fudge Quick View

    Hot Fudge

    Regular Price: $13.99/EA

    Special Price: $7.99/EA

    Info coming soon... Read More
  3. Murray's Munchies Quick View

    Murray's Munchies

    Price From:
    We can't get enough of these sweet treats, crafted for us from quality ingredients in neighboring Brooklyn. Read More
  4. Salty Road Taffy Quick View

    Salty Road Taffy

    Candy-lady extraordinaire, Marisa Wu, found her sweetheart on the Far Rockaway boardwalk—her sweet heart, that is—and was inspired by the seaside treats and salty air. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, each batch is made in a Brooklyn candy factory for maximum authenticity and boardwalk cred. Read More
  5. Out of stock Wondermade Marshmallows Quick View

    Wondermade Marshmallows

    What began as an experimental Christmas gift has puffed up into a fulltime, sugarspun operation. Nathan Clark realized a little secret: most candy is over-complicated by weird ingredients and not that great. He and his wife, Jenn, were amazed by how good something so simple could be and they got to work immediately, experimenting in the kitchen, until their trial-and-error process yielded results they wanted to share with friends. And then those friends started placing orders…the Clark’s knew they’d hit the sweet spot. With flavors like Neapolitan, Gold & Champagne and Bourbon, you can be sure that the art of candy-making is thriving. Read More
  6. Ethereal Confections Quick View

    Ethereal Confections

    It’s a tale as old as chocolate itself: two girls head out into the world; struggle, start and stop; girl meets boy... girl meets boy’s sister and they fall in love with chocolate making! And sometimes love turns into obsession…Ethereal Confections was launched in 2011 by Mary and Sara Ervin as a result of their shared passion for working with chocolate, a quest for transcendent flavors and years of perfecting the perfect recipe. Read More
  7. Fruition Chocolate Quick View

    Fruition Chocolate

    Small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates made in a Catskill Mountains chocolate workshop—not by elves, but by one, Bryan Graham, who’s had a passion for chocolate and incredible food since he was a lad. He learned the basics from his grandmother and put in his time as a pastry chef, studying at the CIA and as an apprentice to Jaques Torres—i.e., the man knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to sweet things. He’s devoted his life to making the world a more chocolatey place and we thank him for it. Read More
  8. Mast Brothers Sheep's Milk Chocolate Quick View

    Mast Brothers Sheep's Milk Chocolate

    Don't be sheepish! The Mast Brothers have been grinding out bean-to-bar chocolate in Brooklyn for several years and now they've taken their line of small batch chocolates to a whole new level. Sheep's milk chocolate is exactly what it sounds like; chocolate that uses a bit of sheep's milk to enhance the flavor and the texture of the bar. We find that the addition of sheep's milk adds a distinct nuttiness to the bar, with some deeper flavors of dates and a full bodied, tongue coating texture. Read More
  9. Fixx Chocolates Quick View

    Fixx Chocolates

    Coming soon... Read More

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