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Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

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  1. Raincoast Crisps Quick View

    Raincoast Crisps

    A cracker that can hold its own; that’s what we asked for and that’s what we got. Made by Leslie Stowe in Vancouver, Canada, these hearty, sturdy crisps are baked in small batches, with so much goodness, we can’t keep our favorite cheeses and dips away from them. Read More
  2. Murray's Olive Oil Quick View

    Murray's Olive Oil

    Price From:
    It's big, it's good, and it's a bargain. The folks at Divina cold-press olives grown in select locations in California and across the Mediterranean to create a blend that is an excellent choice for dipping, salads, and all your cooking needs. Read More
  3. Crisp and Co. Quick View

    Crisp and Co.


    Marinated Mushrooms- Crisp & Co. founder Thomas Peter grew up near Kennett Square, PA, the “Mushroom Capital of the World.” Inspired by his ‘shroom-filled childhood, he now has small, super-flavorful cremini mushrooms custom grown for Crisp & Co. He seasons them with fresh thyme and bay leaf from a local herb farm, California heirloom garlic and plenty of extra-virgin olive oil. Serve beside cheese and crusty bread; or make a mushroomy pasta salad.

    Spicy Dilly Beans- “I’m a scientist by training, so I looked at [pickle creation] as kind of an experiment. I did experiments with dill seed versus dill weed and different types of garlic…And all these things, surprisingly, have a big impact on the flavor,” says Crisp & Co. founder Thomas Peter of Hockessin, DE. With his Spicy Dilly Beans…eureka!  Perfection! Crunchy green beans get delicately pickled in savory spices and Californian heirloom garlic. They’re genius served in a Bloody Mary, or with a spicy blue cheese. 

    Grand Dill Pickles-The secret behind Crisp & Co.’s addictively crunchy, briny dill pickles? Science! Founder Thomas Peter of Hockessin, DE, uses his background — a master's degree in biomedical engineering, a former career as a cancer researcher and passion for molecular gastronomy — to create pickle perfection. These snappy treats get their complexity from ten herbs and spices, Californian heirloom garlic and fresh Kirby cukes. A great friend to BBQ, sandwiches of all kinds…and yummy right out of the jar. 

    Sweet Gingers- These snappy beauties won second place in 16th annual International Pickle Festival in Rosendale, NY in 2014. They’re more sweet than spicy—pickle master Thomas Peter claims they are a great incentive for toddlers to eat dinner. They win adults’ hearts, too, with their fresh, complex flavor. They work wonders in sandwiches, tuna salad, and straight outta the jar. 

    Read More
  4. Three Little Figs Jams Quick View

    Three Little Figs Jams


    Three Little Figs Balsamic Fig Jam

    Three Little Figs founder Liz left her globe-trotting fashion stylist life to make jam. She moved to her hometown, Portland, and basked in the delicious, inventive local foods that were everywhere. But she noticed a sad lack of local condiments to help make cheese and meat sing. So she created Three Little Pigs, her own small-batch jam with local, organic ingredients and big flavor.

    This is Liz’s original creation, and it’s a classic. Fresh local figs, aged balsamic, and a hint of rosemary are awesome as a glaze on salmon or pork. And it’s a no-brainer with cheeses galore—fresh goats, pillowy bloomy rinds, cheddars, blues…you can’t possibly go wrong. (Go ahead, try to mess it up.)

    Three Little Figs Puddletown Pub Chutney

    Old (the age old art of preserving) meets new (modern, awesome flavor). Three Little Figs of Portland, Oregon slow-simmer crisp apples and onions in espresso stout with cider vinegar, brown sugar, molasses, mustard seeds and currants. Autumn in a jar. Nibble with cheddar cheese and brats on a rainy day; smear on a grilled cheese or a roast beef sammy.

    Three Little Figs French Onion Confit

    The slower Walla Walla onions get cooked down ‘til melty and sweet, the better. So the Three Little Figs folks in Portland cook low and slow, with wine, fragrant herbs and a glug of cognac. Spread on a gruyere grilled cheese, or serve beside Olympia sausages. A friend to picnics everywhere.

    9.25 oz. Read More
  5. Dragonfly Granola Quick View

    Dragonfly Granola

    Granola guru Susan Weseen grew up in British Columbia, with summers filled with dragonflies. When she moved to Brooklyn, she noticed the buzz of dragonflies and boom! Susan had a name for her addictive granola, made with organic, highest quality, organic ingredients. Dragonfly granola is not too sweet, super crunchy, and made for snacking out-of-hand or sprinkling atop yogurt and ice cream. Fig Hazelnut: Toasty hazelnuts, mission figs, maple syrup, and a dusting of nutmeg. Date Pistachio: Deglet dates (sometimes called the “queen of dates”), pumpkin seeds and pistachios, coconut flakes, and a pinch of ras el hanout. Cherry Walnut: Sour cherries, walnuts, coconut sugar and flakes, and cloves. 7 oz. Read More
  6. Valliser Membrillo Quick View

    Valliser Membrillo

    Raw quince is so woolly, sour and astringent that in Turkish, the phrase "eating the quince" is slang for "getting into serious trouble." But when cooked slowly with the right amount of sugar and lemon juice, sweet alchemy happens. This membrillo, Spanish for quince paste, comes straight from Penedés, Spain. It’s floral notes of apple and pear make a pitch perfect pairing for oh so many cheeses. Manchego is classic—and there’s nothing wrong with classic!—but we also love it with blue cheese (Pria Azul!) and goat cheese (Bauma Madurat!). So versatile. So beautiful. 350g. Read More
  7. Omnivore Salt Quick View

    Omnivore Salt

    Chef secret: season everything. Even better: season with Omnivore Salt. A bag of Omnivore Salt is full of sea salt harvested from salt beds off the coast of Northern California, plus a secret and genius blend of organic spices. Salt Man Angelo Garro hails from Siracusa, on the Sicilian coast. He grew up cooking, pickling, foraging, and he took all this culinary soul with him to San Francisco. We have Angelo’s grandmother to thank for the Omnivore Salt recipe, which has the magic property of making nearly everything you cook taste better. Use this baby as a rub on meat and fish, sprinkle on veggies, soups, eggs and salads. 6 oz. Read More
  8. Westwind Smoky Tomato Jam Quick View

    Westwind Smoky Tomato Jam

    Westwind, a postcard-pretty orchard in the shadows of the Catskills in New York’s Hudson Valley, has been growing organic apples since the 1930’s. In 2009, Fabio the farmer realized his dream, purchased the property, and started growing pears, berries, tomatoes and more alongside the prized apple trees. The world is tastier since, and this “marmellata di pomodoro affumicato” is ample proof. It’s crafted from Westwind’s own organic heirloom tomatoes, apples, sugar, lemon juice, kosher smoky salt, sweet paprika, black pepper and hot chili flakes, then cooked for hours to develop deep, intense flavors of roasty tomato, sunshine, and smoke. Slather on a grilled cheese sandwich, use as the T in a BLT, whisk into vinaigrette, or spread inside a crepe or atop a tart. Read More
  9. Trees Knees Spicy Syrup Quick View

    Trees Knees Spicy Syrup

    Start with the best, read-deal maple syrup from Catskill Mountain Sugar House, tapped from 800 acres of maples grown in mountain-fresh water and pristine air. Next, add a special blend of chili peppers, by hand in Brooklyn. Trees Knees is born! Pour it over waffles and bacon, use it to glaze salmon and shrimp, or season standing ovation-worthy sweet potatoes. Read More

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