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Honey, Jam & Spreads

Honey, Jam & Spreads

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  1. Mike's Hot Honey Quick View

    Mike's Hot Honey

    Mike’s Hot Honey is a chili pepper-infused honey made in Brooklyn, NY.  Hot Honey is a scintillating addition to any number of dishes in need of a little sweet heat, including pizza, chicken, ribs, biscuits, roasted vegetables, fruits, cheeses and even ice cream.  Also useful in cocktails and marinades, Mike’s Hot Honey is a versatile condiment made with the heat lover in mind. Read More
  2. Bees Knees Spicy Honey Quick View

    Bees Knees Spicy Honey

    Sugar and spice and total brilliance is in this bottle of chili-infused raw honey, hand-made in Brooklyn from the elixirs of independent beekeepers in New York’s Hudson Valley. Drizzle over fresh ricotta and vanilla ice cream; slather on toasted bread or corn muffins; make a killer hot toddy. Read More
  3. Westwind Smoky Tomato Jam Quick View

    Westwind Smoky Tomato Jam

    Westwind, a postcard-pretty orchard in the shadows of the Catskills in New York’s Hudson Valley, has been growing organic apples since the 1930’s. In 2009, Fabio the farmer realized his dream, purchased the property, and started growing pears, berries, tomatoes and more alongside the prized apple trees. The world is tastier since, and this “marmellata di pomodoro affumicato” is ample proof. It’s crafted from Westwind’s own organic heirloom tomatoes, apples, sugar, lemon juice, kosher smoky salt, sweet paprika, black pepper and hot chili flakes, then cooked for hours to develop deep, intense flavors of roasty tomato, sunshine, and smoke. Slather on a grilled cheese sandwich, use as the T in a BLT, whisk into vinaigrette, or spread inside a crepe or atop a tart. Read More
  4. Black Cherry Confit Quick View

    Black Cherry Confit

    Psst- lean a little closer, and we’ll let you in on a delicious secret. The Basque Country of France isn’t just known for their incredibly nutty, rich sheep’s milk cheeses, but also for their rare, succulent, sweet and tangy cherry varieties. Read More
  5. Doce de Tomate (Tomato Jam) Quick View

    Doce de Tomate (Tomato Jam)

    Sweetened tomato with a touch of cinnamon is a perfect companion for softer goat cheeses or the gooey thistle rennet cheeses of Spain and Portugal. Read More
  6. Bee Raw Honey Quick View

    Bee Raw Honey

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    Sweetie, this is honey the way bees intended it—raw, unique and delicious. Read More
  7. Boat Street Pickles Quick View

    Boat Street Pickles

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    coming soon Read More
  8. Valliser Membrillo Quick View

    Valliser Membrillo

    Raw quince is so woolly, sour and astringent that in Turkish, the phrase "eating the quince" is slang for "getting into serious trouble." But when cooked slowly with the right amount of sugar and lemon juice, sweet alchemy happens. This membrillo, Spanish for quince paste, comes straight from Penedés, Spain. It’s floral notes of apple and pear make a pitch perfect pairing for oh so many cheeses. Manchego is classic—and there’s nothing wrong with classic!—but we also love it with blue cheese (Pria Azul!) and goat cheese (Bauma Madurat!). So versatile. So beautiful. 350g. Read More

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