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Honey, Jam & Spreads

Honey, Jam & Spreads

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  1. Out of stock Truffle Honey Quick View

    Truffle Honey

    Honey mixed with actual truffles! Cast those synthetic imitations aside and try some of this fragrant honey over blue or soft cheeses. Read More
  2. Westwind Raw Honey Quick View

    Westwind Raw Honey

    The folks at Westwind Orchard, in the shadows of the Catskills in New York’s Hudson Valley, fell in love with bees—and the sweet fruits of their labor—circa 2008. Since then, their orchard has been home to Italian and Russian bee colonies—pretty impressive bee lineages. Commercial apiaries often clip the wings of the queens, thus curbing their ability to swarm. Westwind lets their bees swarm free. The beekeepers leave plenty of honey for their colonies to feast upon (the bees also forage on a smorgasbord of organic buckwheat, yellow mustard, and peas). The rest of the honey gets collected and sold, because we—and you—are the luckiest. It even won a 2015 Good Food Award. The raw, unprocessed nectar is redolent of fresh flowers and carmelized sugar. Drizzle on ricotta or yogurt; glaze veggies, ham, or chicken wings. Or serve with fresh chevre or punchy blue cheese. We’re beelievers. Read More
  3. Tonewood Maple Cream Quick View

    Tonewood Maple Cream

    Our all-time favorite condiment, Tonewood Maple Cream is the smoothest, sweetest, most irresistible thing we’ve ever tasted. Imagine the best piece of leaf-shaped maple candy you’ve ever had in your life, then imagine the candy melted and whipped into a spreadable cream. Instant heaven. We drizzle this on our soft triple crèmes like St. Stephen and Kunik, we also dunk our Challerhocker and other Alpines right in the jar. Spread it on your breakfast pancakes and toast, pour it over ice cream or right on to your popcorn during movie night. Trust us, it’s our No. 1 recommendation. Read More
  4. Rosario Truffle Oil & Honey Duo Quick View

    Rosario Truffle Oil & Honey Duo

    The truffle has been a hot commodity for a number of years now. With these products that delicious earthy flavor can be enjoyed at home and not just at a high end restaurant. Read More
  5. Red Bee Honey Comb Quick View

    Red Bee Honey Comb

    Hails from a small bee farm located in Weston, Connecticut. It's raw and unheated with no pesticides, alcohol, paraffin waxes or preservatives. Read More
  6. Pistachio Cream Quick View

    Pistachio Cream

    Coming soon... Read More

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