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  1. Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil Quick View

    Castillo de Canena
    Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil

    Made from 100% Spanish Arbequina olives—a spicy, lush varietal—and gently smoked with oak, beech, and birch woods, this unusual finishing oil adds depth and mystery to bitter greens, grilled fish, and charred meat—as well as being an excellent compliment to a bowl of sea salt-topped fresh Burrata and a loaf of crusty bread. Read More
  2. Bittermens Bitters Quick View

    Bittermens Bitters

    Back in the day, bitters were developed as patent medicines and cure-all’s, made with botanicals and big promises. Nowadays, they’ve figured out their true calling as the cure for the common cocktail. Case-in-point: Bittermen’s in New Orleans has been recovering long-lost recipes and formulating new ones to spice up the American cocktail scene. Read More
  3. Espelt Viticultors Vinegar Quick View

    Espelt Viticultors Vinegar

    The rocky, mineral-filled terrain around the Tramuntana mountain range in North Eastern Spain combines with the seaside air and creates a gorgeous terrain that’s ideal for winemaking, and has been since the 5th century BC. Espelt Viticultors was born here in 1910 and continues to be family-run by Luis Espelt’s grandchildren. Read More
  4. Panettone Quick View


    Studded with raisins and sweet fruit, Panettone is the rich brioche embodiment of Christmas. This dome-shaped beauty is crafted in Penne, an Abruzzo hilltop town that sits between the Adriatic Sea and the majestic Gran Sasso. The dough gets scented with vanilla and proofed over the course of 20 hours, which gives the final product exquisite lightness. Equally delicious fresh or popped in the oven for warm toastiness, keep a Panettone in your kitchen and watch it disappear. Perfect for spot-on gifting or shameless devouring. Production is limited. Read More

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