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12cm Cheese Harp

$22.00 / Each
12 cm cheese harp housewares
12cm Cheese Harp
  • France

This simple tool is a must-have for every chef or cheeseboard making enthusiast. The 12cm Cheese Harp is a handheld steel tool that features a thin wire that slices easily through soft cheeses, allowing for a clean cut and minimal crumbling. This small harp is ideal for working with smaller portions of cheese, and it is essential for portioning soft cheeses, from buttery, crumbly Chiriboga Blue to delicate Cremeaux de Bourgogne.

“The cheese harp is one of the most underrated useful tools a cheese lover can have in their kitchen. I keep one on hand for when I'm serving gooey cheeses or softer blues. It makes clean cuts every time to keep my cheese boards looking photo-worthy, and is perfect for cutting individual portions of softer cheeses to make grazing easier for your guests. Pro tip: the wire cuts through soft cheese like butter, but it’s super safe for accident-prone chefs. It may look intimidating, but this tool is easy to use and makes portioning a breeze.”
Murray’s National Team, New York, NY
  • Cheese harps make cutting and portioning soft cheeses clean and easy.
  • Place the wire where you want to cut the cheese and press down. The wire eliminates the mess of cutting with a knife and produces smooth, even wedges.
  • The wire can be removed for cleaning or replaced if broken, making this a tool that can be used for years.
  • Cheese harps work best with softer cheeses such as bloomies, washed rinds and blues.

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