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Bee Seasonal Organic Aroeira Honey

bee seasonal organic aroeira honey specialty foods
Bee Seasonal Organic Aroeira Honey
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  • by Bee Seasonal
  • Brazil

Sourced from aroeira plants in Brazil, Bee Seasonal’s Organic Aroeira Honey’s unique marshmallowy flavor sets it apart from more common varieties. Notes of rosehips and dried fruit, along with a hint of vanilla, play with that sweet flavor. Open a jar of this medium-bodied honey, and you’ll experience a spiced aroma akin to cardamom, pepper, and anise. Boldly colored, this honey is scrumptious drizzled over an intense cheese like Pecorino Oro Antico or Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese.

“Don't settle for generic honey. The flavors and smells of this honey are divine when you open this jar. I especially love to pair it with any blue cheese I can get my hands on. The sweet and savory combination is full of flavor with each bite.”
Murray’s Cheesemonger – New York, NY
100% Organic Raw Honey
  • Also called the Brazilian pepper tree or the Christmas berry tree, Brazilian aroeira plants grow bright red berries that are packed with antioxidants.
  • This organic and non-GMO raw honey is produced seasonally, from July to September.
  • Bee Seasonal is an award-winning honey company founded by Larissa Leitner and her husband Thomas Hübbe in 2017.
  • Based out of Gilbert, Arizona, they source organic raw honeys from around the world.
  • Larissa noticed that the European market had a wider variety of international honey options than could be found in the United States and set out to change that.
  • All honeys sourced by Bee Seasonal are single-varietal, and the company is involved in the entire process from hive to jar.
  • Their focus is high-quality honey achieved through sustainable beekeeping, and they are dedicated to harvesting ethically sourced, organic honey from partners across the globe, specifically in Brazil and Europe. 
Family Owned
Non GMO, Organic

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