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Boerenkaas Gouda

$23.00 / Lb
boerenkaas gouda cheese
Boerenkaas Gouda
  • Raw
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: 18 Months
  • Cow Milk
  • Netherlands
  • Approachable
  • Soft

A true farmstead cheese produced by Dutch cheesemakers, Boerenkaas Gouda is rich in flavor and tradition. Made with raw cow’s milk from one of the last remaining farmsteads in the Netherlands, it’s rich in nutty, savory flavors, with notes of butterscotch and roasted cashew. Try it with some Murray's Prosciutto di Parma and Maine Crisp Co. Fig & Thyme Crisps for a savory snack.

“Boerenkaas is a delicious, sweet-yet-tangy addition to any cheese board. Mix up your next game day spread with some Boerenkaas, pumpernickel pretzels, and grainy mustard. Or, it’s just as good to snack on it on its own Either way, don’t forget to pair it with a hearty beer. Yum!”
Murray’s Culinary – New York, NY
Unpasteurized Cow's Milk, Salt, Enzymes

Allergens: Milk

  • A raw cow’s milk cheese, "Boerenkaas" translates from the Dutch for farmer cheese.
  • Goudas are often quite sweet, but Boerenkaas is one of the more balanced versions and is not overly sweet.
  • To earn its “Boerenkaas” name, this Gouda must be a true farmstead cheese produced from raw cow’s milk collected on the same property where it’s made.
  • Because of these specifications, Boerenkaas is considered the most traditional Gouda.
When you receive your cheese, unpack the order and refrigerate the items. We recommend using the cheese paper we send most of our products in to store the cheese. The cheese paper helps cover the items and stop them from drying out, while also allowing the cheese to breathe. Since cheese is mold, it's a living thing! If you cut off air circulation to the cheese, you can actually cause it to suffocate and spoil at a faster rate.
Family Owned
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