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Boska Cheese Baker

$21.00 / Each
boska cheese baker housewares
Boska Cheese Baker
  • by Boska
  • Netherlands

Boska’s Cheese Baker is the kitchen accessory you didn’t know you needed. Transform a wheel of brie or camembert into a pot of earthy, creamy, melted goodness, or dip into the wonderful world of (mini) fondue. Whatever cheese adventure you choose, this ceramic vessel comes with a stand and tea candle, so your pot of perfection will hold its warmth long after it’s out of the oven. It’s a creative housewarming gift for any cheese lover or the perfect gift pick-me-up for treating yourself.

“Simplify your hosting steps with this baker. The ceramic cast iron dish can be transferred directly from the oven onto its stand, with the cheese staying melty the entire time. Bonus, only one dish to wash.”
Murray’s Catering – New York, NY
Ceramic, Cast Iron
  • Simply add Murray's Mini Brie and a spoonful of Sidehill Farm Raspberry Jam and bake for a gooey delicacy.
  • Made from ceramic and cast iron, the Cheese Baker is oven-safe, refrigerator-safe, and microwave-safe.
  • BOSKA is an international kitchenware and home goods company founded in Holland in 1896.
  • It first began when blacksmith William Bos crafted cheese tools for local farmers.
  • Since then, BOSKA has grown into a household name for sleek, stylish, and sustainable food tools.
  • They produce tools made primarily from natural raw materials such as wood, steel, and stone, with the intention of creating high-quality products that last a lifetime.
  • BOSKA believes that “quality is sustainability,” and their mission is “to create great food tools and make them cool".
  • Their line of products has a focus on tools for cheese and chocolate.
Family Owned

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