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Brooklyn Slate Large Cheese Board 10"x14"

$30.00 / Each
brooklyn slate large cheese board housewares
Brooklyn Slate Large Cheese Board 10"x14"
  • by Brooklyn Slate
  • United States

This 10x14-inch rectangular stone cutting board is designed for easy cutting and serving. The Brooklyn Slate Large Cheese Board is made from dark gray slate and features rough edges, making it a stylish platter for cheese and charcuterie presentations. The slate material allows for using chalk to label cheeses or other snack items when using it to serve. This board is a natural accompaniment for the Be Home Copper Cheese Knife or Murray’s Hard Cheese Knife.

“Every cheese lover needs a cheese slate! It's the perfect way to display a gorgeous cheese board, and will impress all your friends and family. This size is perfect for a dinner party or holiday get- together, so make sure you add it to your rotation of cheesy tools.!”
Murray’s National Team – New York, NY
  • To make the slates, first large chunks (up to 10 tons) of slate stone are unearthed from the quarry and cut down using a block saw. Those smaller pieces are split by hand with a chisel and hammer to create the cheese boards.
  • Slate is sourced from the Vermont and New York Slate Valley, a unique geological formation that runs between the two states.
  • Slate is one of the most durable naturally-occurring stones readily available.
  • Each slate is completely unique in cut, shape, color and overall presentation, but all slates from Brooklyn Slate are at least 3/8" thick, making them stronger than most plates and sturdy enough to withstand commercial dishwashers.
  • Brooklyn Slate, founded in 2009, creates cheese boards and other home goods from locally-sourced slate.
  • Slate, one of the most durable and readily available natural stones, is ideal for sturdy kitchenware. 
  • Brooklyn Slate sources their stone from a third-generation quarry in the Slate Valley on the NY/VT border. 
  • They cut the slate using a block saw or a chisel and hammer, depending on the size. This process creates subtle differences in each piece, ensuring that each Brooklyn Slate product is unique.
  • Brooklyn Slate finishes, wraps, and packs their pieces at Progress Industries, a division of The Arc, Oneida-Lewis, which is a non-profit serving people with developmental disabilities and helping them to access meaningful employment.

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