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Cru Chocolate Guatemala 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

cru chocolate guatemala dark chocolate bar specialty foods
Cru Chocolate Guatemala 72% Dark Chocolate Bar
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  • by Cru Chocolate
  • United States

With notes of juicy stone fruit, blackberries, and bittersweet cacao, Cru Chocolate’s 72% Dark Chocolate Bar is sourced from a Mayan women’s collective in an Indigenous community in Guatemala. The rich, fruity essence that hits the palate when you break into this bar ends with a long, smooth finish. Pairs perfectly with an equally juicy red wine and firm, bold cheeses like Pyrénées Brebis, with or without a spoonful of Blackberry Farm Blackberry Jam.

“As if you would need motivation to indulge in a chocolate craving. However, if you did, then purchasing this chocolate bar supports Cru Chocolate’s mission to assist people at the origin of the chocolate process in creating and growing their own business by providing education and facilitating small scale equipment.”
Murray's Education- New York, NY
Cacao, Org. Cane Sugar
  • The cacao used to make these bars is sourced directly through a Mayan women's group in the Waxaquib tz'ikin community in San Luis, Petén Guatemala.
  • The Mayan people of Central America were the first to cultivate, ferment and dry cacao. They invented the chocolate-making process, which we continue to use today.
  • A certified B Corporation, Cru Chocolate manages to do good and make good chocolate.
  • Along with her partner Eddie Houston, an engineer, Karla McNeil-Rueda brings her Honduran background and experience in cacao technology and fine chocolate confectionery to the company.
  • Their hand-crafted, small-batch chocolate is made with beans sourced from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean.

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