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Fabrique Delices Duck Prosciutto

$33.00 / 2 oz Pack
Fabrique Delices Duck Prosciutto
  • Age: 1+ year
  • Duck
  • by Fabrique Delices
  • United States

Fabriques Délices prepares duck breast similarly to traditional Italian prosciutto, by salt curing and open-air ageing until dried, then slicing it very thinly. The result is a ruby-hued delicacy that’s deeply gamey and rich with a luscious, velvety mouthfeel. Serve this luxe selection with Divina Fig Spread and a bold, woodsy cheese like Jasper Hill Harbison.

“The cure on this duck breast allows for a sweetness and tenderness to come through that is unlike its cooked counterpart. I love how the aromatics present in the fat, which make it all the more fragrant and mouthwatering. It’s one of my favorite substitutions for traditional pork salami products like sopressata or speck, and looks like garnet-colored jewels laid out on a plate!”
Murray’s National Team – Des Moines, IA
Duck Breast, Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Peppercorns, Garlic, Sodium Nitrite.
  • Duck Prosciutto is made from the breast of the duck, which is a leaner cut of meat than duck legs. Ducks, like all waterfowl, have a layer of fat between the skin and the meat which gives the breast a rich, full flavor.
  • The breast is dry-cured whole and then cut into thin slices to be served uncooked.
  • This style of meat is called "prosciutto crudo" in Italian, which references the fact as the meat is cured rather than cooked.
  • Fabrique Delices was born from a century-old charcuterie maker in Meaux, France. 
  • They established their United States presence in 1985 with a vision of bringing high-quality, artisanal French charcuterie products to the United States market. 
  • Traditional French recipes and the finest ingredients are used to create their line of nearly 100 different small-batch, minimally processed delicacies. 
  • While they use machines to grind and mix ingredients, most of their artisanal production is still done by hand. 
  • A wide-ranging product-line includes everything from pâtés, mousses, duck confit, magret, duck rillettes, boudins, sausages, truffle butter, macarons, cornichons, and more.

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