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Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$40.00 / 1 ltr Bottle
frantoia extra virgin olive oil specialty foods
Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • by Frantoia
  • Italy

Sicilian olives grown in fertile volcanic soil give this traditional Italian oil its flavor. The olives are cold-pressed and infuse the Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a delicate fruitiness, bright notes of black pepper, and a deep green hue. Bitter greens, fish, and risotto will benefit from a drizzle of this zesty oil, and it pairs well with Italian favorites like our Castelvetrano Olives and Prosciutto San Daniele.

“Once I tasted Frantoia olive oil, I wanted nothing else other than this delicious Sicilian prize. I use Frantoia for all manner of cooking purposes (sautéing vegetables, roasting meat or toasting bread), and it's lovely as a finishing oil for salad, soups and pastas. I love dousing it over a bowl of minced garlic or preserved mushrooms to help stretch their shelf lives in my fridge, too. Frantoia does it all!”
Murray’s National Team – New York, NY
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • The Barbera family established Frantoia during the early 1980s, and the company has been run by four generations of the family.
  • The brand is renowned for its dedication to crafting high quality and flavorful Italian goods.
  • They make their Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a blend of three Sicilian olives--Nocellara, Cerasuola, and Biancolilla--which they harvest from mineral-rich volcanic soil.
  • The olives are harvested in the fall and winter months, and the oil is extracted through a centrifugal process.
  • The olive oil is unfiltered and cold-pressed, and has a deep green coloring and fruity profile.
  •  Premiati Oleifici Barbera has remained a respected Sicilian olive oil producer since 1894.
  • Grown in volcanic regions, the olives used in their oil-making get their specific flavor from Sicily’s unique soils (Frantoia Olive Oil uses three olive varieties: Biancolilla, Cerasuola, and Nocellara del Belice).
  • They offer a range of olive oils, many of which have DOP (designated origin of production) and PGI (protected geographical indication) status, marking the quality of the oil and the region where it was produced.

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