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Losada Carmona Olive Mix

$11.00 / 12 oz Jar
Losada Carmona Olive Mix specialty foods
Losada Carmona Olive Mix
  • by Losada
  • Spain

This olive mix is named for the town in Andalusia where Losada has grown olives for decades. So, each small jar is packed with Spanish tradition, a journey through five distinct varieties. There’s giant but delicate Gordal; firm, buttery Verdial; smoky, purple Cornicabra; pleasantly crunchy Zorzaleña; and petite, walnutty Cuquillo. With a range of textures and flavors, this mix has something for every palate, served alongside Spanish classics like Idiazábal and Redondo Iglesias Jamon Serrano.

Natural Olives (Gordal, Cuquillo, Zorzalena, Cornicabra), Water, Salt, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid
  • Depending on the olive variety, Losada uses either conventional or natural brine curing.
  • Conventional curing includes the use of lye, which breaks down bitterness in the olives. Natural brine curing is a longer process where the olives are placed in a solution of salt, water, and acid.
  • Because the Carmona Olive Mix includes a variety of olives, it incorporates both conventional and natural brine curing. Each type of olive is cured separately to perfectly preserve its texture before being combined.
  • These olives are delicious straight out of the jar as a snack with Mitica Spanish Cocktail Mix, but they can also be dressed up with olive oil and herbs.
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