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$18.00 / Lb
manouri cheese
  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: Fresh
  • Sheep Milk
  • Greece
  • Approachable
  • Soft

Manouri is a bright and lemony sheep’s milk cheese from Greece. The make process involves combining leftover whey with cream to create a cheese similar to feta but with a more creamy mouthfeel. Clean and tangy, Manouri has a fresh profile of yogurt and citrus that makes it perfect for salads and dips. Try pairing it with a drizzle of Murray’s Koroneiki EVOO and our Greek Olive Mix for a true Mediterranean bite.

“Often overshadowed by its more famous cousins, feta and halloumi, Manouri should be having a moment. Manouri is mild but still packs a punch of sheep or goat’s milk. This sheep’s milk version is a beautiful white, crumbly specimen that is great crumbled over salad and vegetables or grilled and served with fruit and a drizzle of honey.”
Murray’s Sales Team – New York, NY
Sheep's Whey, Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Cream, Salt

Allergens: Milk

  • Manouri is traditionally made by adding cream to the whey of sheep's milk derived from harder cheese production. It is notably creamier than feta, as cream is added to the whey during the cheesemaking process.
  • Often used in recipes such as spanakopita and other stuffed pastries in Greek cuisine, it is also enjoyed as a sweet dessert when drizzled with honey.
  • It can be eaten in place of Greek yogurt, or even grilled like Halloumi.

While harder cheeses can stay fresh for up to two to three weeks when wrapped tightly and unopened, fresh style cheeses are best consumed within a few days. The best thing to do is to keep the cheese in one of your refrigerator drawers or the vegetable bin; this will help to keep your cheese from drying out. If your cheese is packed in olive oil or brine, store any leftovers in the liquid and follow package instructions. All cheeses and meats are perishables—by definition they degrade over time—so we encourage our customers to enjoy the cheese while it's in peak condition!

Gluten Free, Non GMO

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