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Patagonia Provisions Rosemary and Garlic Crackers

$9.00 / 4 oz Box
Patagonia Provisions Rosemary and Garlic Crackers specialty foods
Patagonia Provisions Rosemary and Garlic Crackers
  • by Patagonia Provisions
  • United States

Sustainably made and unendingly snackable, Patagonia Provisions Organic Rosemary and Garlic Crackers are crafted with regeneratively grown sunflower oil and heirloom stone-milled wheat. Fresh rosemary and buttery sauteed garlic give these crispy bites tons of herbaceous flavor. Light but substantial, these crackers are the ideal vehicle for a homemade cheese spread made with Murray’s Feta and Murray’s Arbequina EVOO.

“Rosemary and garlic flavoring make these crackers a necessary pairing for any dip or jam. I recommend taking these crackers and spreading MT. Vikos Red Pepper and Feta Spread for a sumptuous bite.”
Murray’s Sales – New York, NY
Organic wheat flour, organic sunflower oil, organic sourdough (fermented organic rye flour, salt), sea salt, lactic acid, baking soda, organic spice blend (organic rosemary, organic garlic, organic onion, organic oregano), organic yeast extract.

Allergens: Wheat

  • These crackers are crafted with traceable, non-GMO, and certified organic ingredients.
  • The special milling process preserves the natural character of the wheat by retaining a portion of the bran, which makes for an extra light and crispy cracker.
  • Up your snack game by pairing them with Creminelli Wild Boar Salami and Murray's 1 Year Manchego.
  • Patagonia Provisions is an environmentally focused food brand from the well-known clothing company.
  • As a lover of the outdoors, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard was moved to create a food brand to help fight the environmental crisis.
  • Whether they're producing organic crackers or responsibly harvested seafood, they use regenerative practices that help restore the planet.
  • For their crackers, that means the organic wheat is grown and milled in Washington, creating a short supply chain uses less fuel. The farmers also use cover cropping and crop rotation to boost soil health and biodiversity.
Organic, Vegetarian

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