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Palacios Hot Chorizo

$18.00 / 7.9oz Pack
palacios hot chorizo meats
Palacios Hot Chorizo
  • Pork
  • by Palacios
  • Spain

Palacios makes their Hot Chorizo using a generations-old recipe. This spicy or “picante” version of the traditional Spanish sausage gets an infusion of pimentón, a smoky paprika, to give the rich pork a bright kick of heat and warm spiciness. Create a true Spanish spread with this Hot Chorizo, a few slices of Murray’s Young Manchego, and a handful of Murray’s Marcona Almonds.

“Palacios just makes a great chorizo. When I dip this in a thistle rennet cheese like Amanteigado Grande alongside a class of Fino Sherry, I am in heaven! It’s also great to chop up into an omelet for a little extra spice.”
Murray’s Wholesale Team – New York, N
Pork, Paprika, Salt, Hot Paprika, Garlic and Natural Pork Casing
  • Chorizo is a flavorful and often spicy variety of pork salami from Spain.
  • Spanish chorizo is traditionally made with garlic and pimentón, a smoky Spanish paprika.
  • Different regions of Spain have different styles of chorizo. This Palacios Hot Chorizo comes from La Rioja.
  • Palacios utilizes a generations-old family recipe to craft their spicy chorizo.
  • Palacios has been crafting quality meats in Rioja, Spain, for decades, beginning with a family butcher shop in 1960.
  • In 1998, the Spanish brand became one of four European companies allowed by the U.S. government to sell its meat products in this country.
  • All of Palacios Spanish chorizos—fresh, aged, spicy, or sweet—are made without preservatives or coloring.

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