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San Giuliano Mandarin Marmalade

$21.00 / 460 g Jar
San Giuliano Mandarin Marmalade
  • by Marchesi di San Giuliano
  • Italy

San Giuliano packs 800 years of Sicilian citrus expertise into every jar of Mandarin Marmalade. Taste the pure intensity of sweet, juicy, lightly floral mandarins in these handcrafted preserves made with just sugar and fruit. Pieces of deep orange rind are suspended in a spoonable glaze that’s richly citrusy but not tart. It’s perfect for dolloping on warm ricotta cake, and the complexity elevates any cheese board. With buttery St. Stephen or brie, it’s like the most sophisticated creamsicle.

“Sweet and juicy, this mandarin marmalade is always front and center on my brunch board, alongside Rodolphe Salted Butter and fresh robiola.” 
Murray’s Wholesale – New York, NY 
Fruit, Sugar
  • Marchesi di San Giuliano is a 22-acre estate in Sicily that has been in the Castello di San Giuliano family for more than 800 years.
  • Today, Giulia di San Giuliano and her father run the business, crafting traditional marmalades using fruit from their citrus trees, which grow in rich volcanic soil thanks to nearby Mount Etna.
  • They use family recipes for their marmalades and biscuits, inspired by breakfast favorites that the family has enjoyed for generations.
  • The citrus is harvested by hand during the winter months, when the fruit is at peak ripeness.
  • It then gets hand-sliced, soaked in water, and cooked slowly with sugar, without any thickeners. The result is a pure fruit flavor and rustic texture. 
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan

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