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Spotted Trotter Sliced Lamb & Beef Sujuk Salami

$18.00 / 3 oz Pack
Spotted Trotter Sliced Lamb Beef Sujuk Salami meats
Spotted Trotter Sliced Lamb & Beef Sujuk Salami
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • by Spotted Trotter
  • United States

Armenia meets Atlanta in Spotted Trotter’s Sujuk Salami, which packs a world of flavor in every slice. A blend of beef and lamb builds a robust flavor in this spin on traditional dried sausage. The penny-thick slices are tender, speckled with pockets of fat. Sumac, cumin, and garlic bring aromatic undertones, while paprika adds a bit of heat. We guarantee you won’t miss the pork. Amp up your next melt with this salami and Alpha Tolman, or build on the bold flavor with meaty Greensward.

Beef, Brown Sugar, Lamb, Salt, Paprika, Sumac, Cumin Seeds, Dextrose, Peppers, Garlic, Red Wine, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate, Silicon Dioxide (Added To Prevent Caking)
  • Sujuk (or sucuk) is a dry, spicy sausage found in several Balkan and Middle Eastern countries. It’s typically made with beef or lamb.
  • Salami is one of the most popular types of cured meat, made by chopping or grinding meat and supplementary fat, salting and seasoning the mixture, and stuffing into casings.
  • The sausages are hung to cure, ferment, and dry, which is where the salami firms up to its final texture, develops its flavor, and becomes more shelf-stable.
  • Beef salami is often leaner than pork varieties, though lamb brings a bit more fat to these slices. You won't find as many fat pockets in this Sujuk Salami as you might in pork salami, but it remains tender.
  • Sujuk is often served with eggs, and these slices would be delicious fried in a skillet with eggs and tucked into a pita with a handful of herbs.
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