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Texas Iberico Sliced Dry Cured Hickory Smoked Ham

$30.00 / 2 oz Pack
Texas Iberico Sliced Dry Cured Hickory Smoked Ham meats
Texas Iberico Sliced Dry Cured Hickory Smoked Ham
  • Pork
  • by Texas Iberico
  • United States

A lot of care goes into crafting these slices that marry European tradition with the American landscape. Texas Iberico raises Spanish Iberico breed pigs at Trail’s End Ranch, where the animals are fed acorns, mesquite beans, and prickly pear fruit. The meat is smoked and aged for a year, creating gorgeously silky ham with a come-back-for-more complexity. Lean into the savory flavor by serving with oniony Scharfe Maxx Extra and a smear of Murray’s Honey Mustard.

Pork, Salt, Sugar, Dried Honey, Sodium Nitrate
  • The legacy of Iberico breed pigs in Spain goes back millennia to the time of cavemen.
  • These pigs are traditionally used to make Spanish Jamon Iberico—the amount of fat layered into Iberico ham means the meat can be cured longer, creating a more intense flavor.
  • The designation Jamon Iberico de Bellota indicates that the pigs have been fed a diet of acorns, a practice that Texas Iberico incorporates into their pigs’ diet.
  • This Texas Iberico ham gets smoked over hickory wood.
  • The sweetness in this ham comes from both sugar and honey.
  • Delicious on its own, Texas Iberico Dry Cured Hickory Smoked Ham works equally well as the star of a sandwich, served with pan con tomate as a simple appetizer, or eaten with eggs for breakfast.
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