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The Farm At Doe Run Seven Sisters

$38.00 / Lb
the farm at doe run seven sisters cheese
The Farm At Doe Run Seven Sisters
  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: 8 Months
  • Cow Milk
  • by The Farm at Doe Run
  • United States
  • Approachable
  • Soft

The Farm at Doe Run combines the sweet butterscotch flavor of a Gouda with the nutty, milky essence of an Alpine cheese in their Seven Sisters. This highly snackable award-winning selection has a firm paste and notes of caramel and hazelnut, making it an instant crowd-pleaser. Pair it with a dollop of Sidehill Farm Raspberry Jam or Le Bon Magot Spiced Raisin Marmalata to bring out its rich undertones.

“Seven Sisters is my go-to 'gift cheese'. It's beautifully made, not widely available, and everyone loves it! Every bite reveals new flavors - salted caramel, roasted almonds, chamomile tea, and savory broth.”
Murray’s Wholesale Team – New York, NY
Cow's Milk, Salt, Rennet, Cultures

Allergens: Milk

  • The Farm at Doe Run Seven Sisters is made using high quality Jersey cow’s milk.
  • It’s a cross between a Gouda and an Alpine style cheese, and is aged in the stone caves located beneath the farm’s dairy.
  • Seven Sisters is an multi-award winning cheese, and won Gold at the 2016 World Cheese Awards.
When you receive your cheese, unpack the order and refrigerate the items. We recommend using the cheese paper we send most of our products in to store the cheese. The cheese paper helps cover the items and stop them from drying out, while also allowing the cheese to breathe. Since cheese is mold, it's a living thing! If you cut off air circulation to the cheese, you can actually cause it to suffocate and spoil at a faster rate.
  • Richard Hayne, PA native and founder of Urban Outfitters, purchased The Farm at Doe Run in 2008.
  • He began making cheese as a hobby, which quickly grew into a professional operation headed by cheesemaker Sam Kennedy.
  • The Chester County, PA-based farm and creamery is known for their award-winning cheeses and micro greens. 
  • It’s one of the few American farms that tends and milks cows, goats, and sheep. 
  • It’s a farmstead operation, meaning the seasonal milk from the farm’s own animals is used to craft their award-winning cheeses.
  • Doe Run is committed to a philosophy of sustainability, and they focus on land stewardship by nurturing the seasonality of their cheeses, as well as the micro greens and vegetables grown on the farm.
Farmstead, Rotational Grazing

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