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V Smiley Preserves Strawberry Italian Plum Rosewater Jam

$10.00 / 2 oz Jar
v smiley preserves strawberry italian plum rosewater jam specialty foods
V Smiley Preserves Strawberry Italian Plum Rosewater Jam
  • by V Smiley Preserves
  • United States

Strawberries and late season Italian prune plums harvested in Vermont and New York provide the base of this special occasion jam. A spritz of rosewater is added to the pots at the end of the cooking process. The result is a jam with a balanced profile, bright tartness, and floral depth. It’s approachable and not too sweet, an ideal accompaniment for mushroomy bloomy rind cheeses like Murray’s French Double Crème Brie or Murray’s Camembert Fermier.

“A little tarter than the typical Strawberry Jam, it is ideal if you want a less sweet preserve. The flavoring makes it universal whether you want to mix it in your Greek yogurt, plop onto a scone, or enjoy with a softer cheese, such as Murray’s Burrata or Jasper Hill Farm Willoughby.”
Murray's Education- New York, NY
Plum, strawberry, honey, lemon juice, rosewater
  • This well-rounded jam is great for breakfast spread on toast or mixed into tart yogurt.
  • Pair with Rustic Bakery Vanilla Bean Shortbread and Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen for an after-dinner cheese plate.
  • Italian Prune plums are a plum varietal with a distinct oblong shape with tapered ends. Their thin, almost black-purple skin yields to a fruit with a bright, sweet flavor.
  • For a strawberry jam, this is on the tart side—perfect for those who prefer their preserves not super sweet.
  •  V Smiley Preserves is a New Haven, VT operation named for founder V.
  • V began making jams while working as a line cook in Seattle, then returned home to the farm in Vermont she grew up on and began revitalizing the land--now referred to as Lil To Do Farm--to produce fresh fruit.
  • Along with her partner Amy and her mother Susan, she began to craft homemade jams and preserves using the farm’s offerings and local honey as a natural sweetener. 
  • V Smiley Preserves includes a wide array of uniquely flavored fruit jams and preserves that are all highly seasonal, as they’re crafted using what’s currently ripe or in bloom at the time.
Woman Owned

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