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Rustic Bakery Mini Mixed Hearts Jar 12oz

Please try similar delicious cookies from Rustic Bakery like their Vanilla Bean Shortbread and Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread.

$16.15/Each $19.00/Each

Looking to give your heart to someone special? Do it with Rustic Bakery’s Sweetheart Cookies—crisp, mouthwatering shortbread bites assembled in one cute package. Rustic Bakery, a Northern California-based company, produces artisanal, hand-baked goods using the best organic ingredients. Their romantic take on a classic cookie jar features a 12 oz. clear jar, which houses these vanilla and chocolate hearts, baked to perfection. Highly snackable and undeniably delicious, these hearts take inspiration from your favorite sugar cookie and add a distinct, sweet crunch that make it impossible to eat just one.

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