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Queserias Del Tietar Monte Enebro


Monte Enebro is a unique Spanish goat’s milk cheese from the father-daughter producer team at Queserias del Tietar. They craft these flattened goat logs in a style called Pata de Mulo, which is meant to resemble the leg of a mule, and coat them with the same mold used for blue cheeses like Roquefort. The result is a cakey, velvety cheese with a tangy, salty profile and a touch of minerality, with notes of walnuts. Try this eye-catching Spanish selection with a silky ham like Tanara Culatta or Dehesa Cordobesa Paleta Iberico de Bellota.

Unless noted otherwise, Murray's cheeses sold by the lb ship in multiple 0.5 lb increments.  To request a whole wheel, please contact the Murray's team at orders@murrayscheese.com at least 72 hours prior to your desired ship date.

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Just the Facts

Castilla Y León
Milk Type
Rennet Type
1-2 months

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