3 Year Comté

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Comte, one of France’s most famous cheeses, has a long and rich history dating back centuries, hailing from a region that specializes in creating this AOC-protected cheese. Murray’s 3 Year Comte has rich flavors of toasted nuts and warm broth, and a surprisingly supple texture that’s softer than a traditional aged Comte. It is unusual to see a Comte aged for a full three years, as the flavor would typically be past its peak, but Fort de Rousses, where it’s aged, has created the perfect environment that allows this cheese to thrive. A repurposed stone military fort commissioned by Napoleon in the 1800s in France’s Jura mountains, the fort comprises seven levels, most of which are hidden underground and built for optimal affinage. Visionary affineur Jean-Charles Arnaud, the maker behind this Comte selection, relies on natural air ventilation and a stone vault effect to age this special cheese to a perfect balance of distinct flavor and texture. Only specific wheels are able to age for a full three years, and these rare selections have an intensity of robust flavor, and a complexity that combines the tangy, juicy essence of dried fruit and the savory warmth of roasted hazelnuts. Pair this exclusive French gem with a spiced chutney or Amarena cherries and a bold glass of red from the same region. 

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3 Years