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Landmark Creamery Anabasque

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Landmark Creamery’s motto is ‘uncommon milk, beautiful cheese’ and this nutty stunner is a fine example of the motto’s delectable results! Founded in 2013 by ‘the two Annas’, Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates, Landmark Creamery quickly made a name for itself by picking up some major cheese awards. It’s no wonder, because Wisconsin’s rich pastures allow head cheesemaker, Anna Landmark to source some of the finest quality milk in the country. The sheep milk used for their signature Basque Country inspired tomme (Anabasque, get it?) comes from happy ewes cared for by brothers Abe and Sam Enloe in nearby Rewey, Wisconsin. After a minimum of three months of cave aging, Anabasque develops a semi-firm paste with a rich fruit forward flavor, a salty bite, and a hint of sheepy lanolin on the finish. After winning third place in its category in 2017 at the prestigious American Cheese Society Awards, this cheese is ready to earn you some accolades on your next cheese plate. For extra credit, pair it with a spicy and fruit forward Rioja, or make like a Wisconsinite and grab an American Pale Ale.

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Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
4-12 Months