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B&R Farms Dried Apricot Spread

b r farms dried apricot spread specialty foods
B&R Farms Dried Apricot Spread
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  • by B & R Farms
  • United States

This is no ordinary fruit spread; this is a jar jam-packed with the rare and delicate Blenheim apricot. Tart on the outside, sweet on the inside, this fruit is freshly picked from B&R Farms California orchard, sun-dried, and then mixed with lemon juice and sugar. The spread tastes like this juicy apricot frozen in its moment of ripe perfection. This family-crafted recipe spreads flavor onto everything from yogurt to toast—we love it with creamy fresh robiola.

“A great breakfast helps kick off the day. This apricot spread will become a morning staple, whether spreading it on a muffin or mixing it in Greek yogurt with granola.”
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
Water,Cane Sugar, Dried Blenheim Apricots,(Sulfured Added), Pectin, Citic Acid, Calcuim,Lemon
  • Blenheim apricots have become increasingly rare for a number of reasons: they have a very short harvesting season (sometimes as few as 10 days), they are very sensitive to disease and sun exposure, and their fragility makes transport difficult.
  • Making the spread from dried and not fresh apricots concentrates the flavor and intensity of the fruit.
  • This is a welcome burst of fruit flavor anywhere you’d use a jam, but it also makes an amazing glaze for roast chicken.
  • Since 1929, the family-owned and operated B&R farms has specialized in the production and harvesting of Blenheim Apricots. 
  • The Hollister, California facility originally started as an orchard for a wide variety of fruits, and has since grown into a 40-acre stretch that grows Blenheim Apricots exclusively. 
  • Jim and Mari Rossi, along with their son Brian and their dedicated staff, tend to the fruit. 
  • The peak harvest time for Blenheim Apricots occurs in mid-summer and is known for its brevity—sometimes as short as ten days. 
  • As it ripens, it’s also subject to the whims of nature—including disease and sunburn. 
  • The Rossi family and their orchard team are tasked with the grading, sorting, packaging and cool storage of the apricots. 
  • B&R Farms was started by Jim’s grandparents, Frank and Mary, and subsequently operated by his parents, Emil and Elsie, before he and his family took over operations. 
  • Beyond dried Blenheims, they offer an array of apricot products including preserves, purees, and chocolates.  

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