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$12.00 / Each
barbeclette housewares
  • by Boska
  • Netherlands

A not-so-secret weapon for cheese lovers, the Barbeclette (barbecue + raclette) lets you melt your favorite cheeses to perfection. Use it on the grill or in the oven. Simply lay the cheese on the base, put it over heat, and wait for the melty magic to happen. Once it reaches its bubbly peak, use the included scraper to blanket that gooey goodness onto your food of choice.

“My favorite go-to for my Barbeclette is to grab a brick of Tickler Cheddar and then let it get melty over the grill. Once it is that perfect consistency, I pour it over my nachos and dig in!”
Murray’s Cheesemonger – New York, NY
Stainless Steel
  • BOSKA is an international kitchenware and home goods company founded in Holland in 1896.
  • It first began when blacksmith William Bos crafted cheese tools for local farmers.
  • Since then, BOSKA has grown into a household name for sleek, stylish, and sustainable food tools.
  • They produce tools made primarily from natural raw materials such as wood, steel, and stone, with the intention of creating high-quality products that last a lifetime.
  • BOSKA believes that “quality is sustainability,” and their mission is “to create great food tools and make them cool".
  • Their line of products has a focus on tools for cheese and chocolate.
Family Owned

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