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Boska Girolle Machine

boska girolle machine housewares

$50.00 / Each
boska girolle machine housewares
Boska Girolle Machine
  • by Boska
  • Netherlands

The Boska Girolle Machine is an updated version of a traditional cheese cutting tool that has been used for centuries. Equipped with a scraping knife for shaving down small, hard wheels of cheese into delicate cheese curls or “rosettes”, this artisanal machine is ideal for adding texture and craftsmanship to a simple cheese board. Try it with firm to semi-firm cheeses similar to fruity Tête de Moine or spicy-sweet Alisios.

“I never thought that I'd actually need this in my house, until you see just how amazing it is to have cheese rosettes with everything you eat. It really brings the presentation of my cheeseboards and salads to the next level. Add some folded prosciutto roses for a delicious bouquet!”
Murray’s Education – New York, NY
Stainless Steel, Plastic, Wood
  • A girolle is a tool that has a sharp blade attached to a pin in the center of a wooden board designed for shaving down small, hard cheeses.
  • This specific style of slicing allows the cheese’s aromatic properties and distinct flavor to develop more strongly by allowing oxygen to reach more of the surface.
  • The delicate cheese curls are called “rosettes” because a full turn around the girolle produces a ribbon of cheese that resembles a flower or rose.
  • The inventors of the girolle intended it to be used with Tête de Moine, but the tool can be used with any cheese of similar size and texture.
  • BOSKA is an international kitchenware and home goods company founded in Holland in 1896.
  • It first began when blacksmith William Bos crafted cheese tools for local farmers.
  • Since then, BOSKA has grown into a household name for sleek, stylish, and sustainable food tools.
  • They produce tools made primarily from natural raw materials such as wood, steel, and stone, with the intention of creating high-quality products that last a lifetime.
  • BOSKA believes that “quality is sustainability,” and their mission is “to create great food tools and make them cool".
  • Their line of products has a focus on tools for cheese and chocolate.
Family Owned

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