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$24.00 / Lb
alisios cheese
  • Pasteurized
  • Microbial Rennet
  • Age: 90 Days
  • Cow Milk
  • Goat Milk
  • Spain
  • Approachable
  • Soft

Named for the trade wind that blows through the Canary Island of Fuerteventura where it’s made, Alisios is a firm, mild cheese crafted from a mix of cow and goat’s milk. This milky and snackable Spanish cheese has a coating of bright pimentón on its rind, giving it an eye-catching red-orange exterior and a spicy-sweet pop of toasty flavor. Creamy and tangy, Alisios is a natural pairing for Spanish snacks like Murray’s Rosemary Marcona Almonds and Fermin Iberico Sliced Chorizo.

“This cheese is beautiful in wedges or on a cheese plate. I like to use it with a girolle to create gorgeous florets. Serve it with either red or white wine as an exciting substitute for Manchego at a Spanish-themed happy hour.”
Murray’s Sales – New York, NY
Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Pasteurized Goat's Milk, Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Cheese Cultures, Salt. Rind Rubbed With Paprika.

Allergens: Milk

  • Alisios is made on the island of Fuerteventura, in Spain’s Canary Islands. Fuerteventura is the 2nd largest of the Canary Islands, known for its white sand beaches, year-round warmth, and constant winds.
  • Named for these trade winds, Alisios is a semi-firm mix of cow (70%) and goat (30%) milk.
  • The cheese is coated in sweet, red pimentón from the Spanish town of Murcia.
  • Aged 90 days, it has a firm, pliable paste and mild, snackable flair with a spicy-sweet bright heat.
  • Make sure to get a taste of rind with each bite to fully experience the beauty and flavor of this cheese.
  • The cheese won a Super Gold award at the 2016 World Cheese Awards.
When you receive your cheese, unpack the order and refrigerate the items. We recommend using the cheese paper we send most of our products in to store the cheese. The cheese paper helps cover the items and stop them from drying out, while also allowing the cheese to breathe. Since cheese is mold, it's a living thing! If you cut off air circulation to the cheese, you can actually cause it to suffocate and spoil at a faster rate.

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