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The Tapas Board​

We’re taking a trip to Spain with this DIY tapas-inspired board. A cheese and charcuterie platter that takes snacking to the next level, incorporating some of the best of Spanish and Portuguese flavor onto one party-ready spread. We’ve chosen three incredible cheeses, from approachable Manchego to bold Amanteigado Grande, and paired them with classic chorizo and jamon, as well as sardines. Plus, a selection of sweet, salty, and delectable sides like stuffed peppers and olives, chutney, and more. 

preparation & ingredients

1/2 lb. Alisios®

1 lb. Amantiegado Grande​

1/2 lb. Murray’s 1 Year Manchego​

1 ea. Palacios Mild Chorizo, 7.9 oz.​

1 ea. Redondo Iglesias Jamon Serrano, 3 oz.​

1 ea. Charlito’s Cocina Sobrasada, 5 oz.​

1 ea. Jose Gourmet Smoked Sardines in Olive Oil, 90 g.​ ​

1 ea. Losada Gordal Olives, 12 oz.

1 ea. Le Bon Magot Tomato & White Sultana Chutney, 2 oz.​

1 ea. Murray’s Hot & Sweet Peppers Stuffed With Cheese, 5.6 oz.​



Cherry tomatoes


Cut the Alisios and the Manchego into triangular pieces.​
Remove the top rind from the Amanteigado.​
Cut the pitas into triangles.​
Slice the chorizo into coins.
Using a melon baller, create rounds of cantaloupe, and wrap each with a piece of jamon, securing with a toothpick.
Stuff the olives with the sobrasada.


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