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The Cheese Board Lunch Box​

Cheese, charcuterie, crackers, and accompaniments. The childhood version of this super snackable lunch—let's face it—doesn't taste as good as we remember. But this elevated take transforms our favorite (adult) cheese board components into a convenient bento box lunch, for a meal that's equally nostalgic and delicious. No sad desk lunch here; just impeccably made Vermont cheese, savory charcuterie, and expertly selected pairings, plus a sweet treat. The ingredients below are enough for a few lunches, so you can enjoy throughout the week.

preparation & ingredients

1/2 lb. Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman​

1 ea. Charlito’s Cocina Campo Seco, 3 oz.​

1 ea. Hungry Bird Eats Rye + Sea Salt Nordic Crisps, 5 oz.​

1 ea. Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons, 12 oz.​

1 ea. Quince & Apple Raspberry Rose Preserves, 6 oz.​

1 ea. Pralus Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Infernal Bar, 160 g.​


Slice your desired portion of Alpha Tolman into long triangular pieces.
Break your desired portion of Nordic Crisps in half.
Slice two bite-size pieces from the chocolate bar.


Which wine goes with which rind?

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