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Pralus Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Infernal Bar

pralus chocolatier milk chocolate infernal bar specialty foods

$30.00 / 160 g Bar
pralus chocolatier milk chocolate infernal bar specialty foods
Pralus Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Infernal Bar
  • Pasteurized
  • by Pralus
  • France

World renowned chocolatier Francois Pralus crafts his Milk Chocolate Infernal Bar by encasing a combination of smooth, creamy praline and crunchy hazelnuts inside a thick layer of milk chocolate. Nutty and decadent, this unique bar showcases a blend of textures and flavors in one intensely rich bite. Perfect as a dessert or a deluxe snack, this Milk Chocolate Infernal Bar pairs well with similarly milky cheeses like Cremeux de Bourgogne or Bayley Hazen Blue.

“The hazelnuts in this bar are the real stars of the show. I'm not great at baking, so when Rogue River Blue is in season, I serve some with this chocolate bar for a luxurious (and easy!) dessert.”
Murray’s Wholesale Team – New York, NY
Praliné (Roasted Hazelnuts And Almonds, Sugar, Chocolate 75%, Vanilla), Hazelnuts, Chocolate 45% (Sugar, Pure Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder, Cocoa, Non-Gmo Soy Lecithin) Keep In A Cool Dry Place Between 16 And 18°C (60.8 To 64.4°F). Contains Nuts And Milk.

Allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts

  • Francois Pralus is a celebrated French chocolatier who produces world-renowned chocolates.
  • He currently owns a cacao plantation in Madagascar where the highest quality beans from around the world, personally selected by him, are grown and harvested. They are then transferred to his facility in France to be turned into chocolate.
  • He created the “Barre Infernale” to combine the richness of chocolate and the creaminess of praline, and introduced the bar to the U.S. at NYC’s annual chocolate trade show in 2005.
  • Pâtisserie Chocolaterie Pralus was opened in Roanne, France, in 1948 by Auguste Pralus, inventor of the famous praline studded brioche bun the Praluline.
  • His son François took over the business and turned it into the world-renowned chocolate company it is today.
  • To craft their chocolate, Pralus sources cocoa beans from about 20 tropical regions around the world, then roasts, crushes, and grinds them in-house in France where they’re then made into decadent chocolate bars.
  • Pralus is regarded around the world as a standard of craftsmanship and high-quality chocolate. 
Family Owned

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