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Losada Gordal Olives Pitted

Losada Gordal Olives Pitted specialty foods
Losada Gordal Olives Pitted
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  • Pasteurized
  • by Losada
  • Spain

The first thing you notice about Losada’s Gordal Olives is their size. This is one substantial Spanish olive. But their flavor is delicate—lightly salty and subtly sweet, with a hint of acidity. Each meaty bite is so balanced, it’ll keep you coming back for another (and another). Their size makes them a standout choice for stuffing; they’re particularly tasty filled with Point Reyes Original Blue. And if you prefer your martini to be more snack than drink, these will be your new go-to.

Pitted Gordal Olives, Water, Salt, Monosodium Glutomate, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid
  • Gordal olives are sometimes referred to as Sevillano olives, as they’re grown around the city of Seville in Andalusia.
  • They don’t contain much oil, so they’re primarily used as a table olive instead of in the production of olive oil.
  • Gordal olives make up 75% of Losada’s olive production.
  • Losada cures them in a traditional process using lye, which removes any trace of bitterness from the olives, allowing a more delicate flavor to shine through.
  • These olives are incredibly versatile—they’re delicious enough to serve on their own with a bottle of bold Petit Verdot, but they also do well incorporated into meals.
  • We particularly like them smashed and served atop a green salad with Vermont Creamery chèvre and Ramp Up Ramp Vinegar vinaigrette.
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