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Ultimate Dirty Martini with Cheese Pairings​

It's hard to say what's the star of our Ultimate Dirty Martini. It could be the perfect proportions of vodka or gin, dry vermouth, and olive juice, stirred over ice to create a briny, bracing sip. It could be Losada's Gordal Olives, enormous and meaty and stuffed with blue cheese for good measure. Or it could be the cheese pairings, expertly selected to stand up to this boozy bev—silky, lightly funky L’Affiné au Chablis, classic, punchy Point Reyes Original Blue, and meaty, woodsy Greensward. Mix up this perfect cocktail for friends for a classy evening, or enjoy on your own to end the day in a delicious way.

preparation & ingredients

2 ½ oz. vodka or dry gin (we like OUR/NY vodka or Dorothy Parker gin)

½ oz. dry vermouth (we like Carpano Dry or Cinzano Extra Dry vermouth)

½ oz. olive juice from Losada Gordal Olives

3 Losada Gordal Olives​

Crumbles of Point Reyes Original Blue​

L'Affiné au Chablis

Point Reyes Original Blue

Murray's Cave Aged Reserve Greensward

Stuff the Gordal olives with the crumbles of Point Reyes Original Blue. Place on an olive skewer and set aside.​
Add the vodka or gin, dry vermouth, and olive juice to a mixing glass over ice, and stir until cold.​
Strain into a coupe or martini glass, and garnish with your stuffed olive skewer.​
Serve with L'Affiné au Chablis, Point Reyes Original Blue, and Murray's Cave Aged Reserve Greensward.​

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