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Cloudforest Moonwalk Chocolate

$11.00 / 1.2 oz Bar
cloudforest moonwalk chocolate specialty foods
Cloudforest Moonwalk Chocolate
  • by Cloudforest
  • United States

It’s the high-low candy mash-up you didn’t know you needed: Madagascar cacao and Pop Rocks. Crunchy and rich, Cloudforest’s Moonwalk Chocolate is a dark chocolate bar studded with earthy cacao nibs and tropical blue raspberry candy bites that come to life when they hit your tongue. Both whimsical and complex, this chocolate will be a conversation piece on your next cheese board. Pair it with an equally flavorful selection like Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

“I first tried this chocolate bar as I was curious about the pop candy element; but it became a staple chocolate in my pantry, though, for its rich, dark, chocolaty flavors that are mixed with a sweet element from the pop candy.”
Murray’s Ecommerce – New York, NY
Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Cane Sugar, Pop Rocks (Sugar, Lactose, Corn Syrup, Flavoring)
  • Pop Rocks get their pop from pressurized carbon dioxide that’s released as the candy dissolves.
  • Madagascar cocoa is some of the world’s finest. Introduced to the country in the late 19th century by French colonists, it accounts for less than 1% of the world’s production, and is highly sought after by chocolate connoisseurs.
  •  An Oregon-based operation with roots in Ecuador, Cloudforest is a producer of chocolate and chocolatey products.
  • Their chocolate journey started in 2009 with an attempt to understand the nuances of cacao and create unique flavor combinations. At that point, they were sourcing processed chocolate from makers in Europe.
  • That changed in 2014, when Cloudforest launched their first chocolate bar made from single-estate Ecuadorian cacao. From then on, they took control of every step in the making of their chocolate, from raw bean to bar.

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